Well downloaded the 491.38Mb build 2509 with a 56kmodem 35hrs, phew. you know which stuff I am talking about. Anyway I opened it in isobuster and guess what, it had two I think, two sessions, in one there was the software itself and in the other there was a bootcatalog and virtual floppy image. Now I know that this soft is ona bootable cd and so these files. My question is should I also extract these and copy them to a cd with the soft or am I supposed to use the make bootable floppy in winoncd. help
I am not planning to use this soft now coz still in beta and does not support many other soft I have.


If I was you I would burn the whole cd on a rewriteable just2B sure and try if the autorun/boot works or not! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am still waiting for my CD!!! AHHHHHHHHH at M$