Xp wont recognize SOHR-5238S as cd-rw



Hello, I just bought a Lite-on SOHR-5238S from circuit city the other day to replace my old sony cd burner that crapped out. I installed just like I was supposed to and windows will only recognize it as a normal cd-rom drive. Whats can I do to fix this? I’ve already tried the registry thing on the microsoft website, doesnt work.


c’mon, does anyone have anything to say on this matter???


Does Nero recognise it as a CD writer?




Is your MB an nVidia or VIA based board? If so, are you using their IDE drivers? If so, uninstall them, get rid of them and use the Standard Microsoft ATA/IDE drivers. See if that makes a difference.


its already using the microsoft drivers…


Sorry, I had the same problem with my son’s CD-RW and that was the fix. Good luck.