Xp wont recognize ps2 disc nd-3550a

Hey there everyone I am having a problem making a backup of my ps2 discs, I am running xp pro sp2 and have 2 nec nd-3550a dvd burners and when I insert a ps2 dvd, winxp keeps telling me that there is no disc in the drive. I have tried both burners and have had no luck. I ended up ripping the iso on my hp laptop and moving the iso to the main computer through the network but that is a step I would rather not take. Any ideas would be great. p.s. both my drives read/write anything else just not ps2. I have made backups before just not on this machine, the other computer had one of the two 3550a 's that are in my new computer. I hope that I gave enough info to solve the problem

lol i know you want to burn with games…

well i know how you can back it up :slight_smile:

it is called alcohol 120%