XP won't recognize drives

I really did a number on myself by erasing too much to get more hard disc space. Since my erasing frenzy XP will not recognize my CD ROM or DVD burner drives. I have gone through all the Windows Troubleshooting including Device Manager, but nothing I do corrects the problem. Both drives are connected and installed and the drivers that were used before have been installed, removed, and reinstalled, but still no access. Anybody know what the next step should be? An analysis shows an error No. 39 on each drive. A system analysis shows System ASPI files are missing, if that means anything.

If I remember correctly XP does not require ASPI to recognize the drives and XP has it’s own drivers for your drives. Have you tried (In the Device manager) uninstalling the IDE channel the drives are on and on restart the drives should reinstall properly. Let us know.:slight_smile:

If the drives do not quite uninstall right, you may want to, after deleting everything and rebooting, reinstall your motherboard chipset drivers, since you may have accidentally deleted some of the stuff you need to make it all work.

HIGHLY recommended to do a full backup before doing major deletions, by the way.

Norton Ghost 2003 for DOS is one of the very best at that, imo, but any imaging software should be helpful.

Install the latest Adaptec ASPI layer

Windows XP Aspi layer

• windows\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys
• windows\system\wowpost.exe
• windows\system\winaspi.dll
• windows\system32\wnaspi32.dll

Then manually deleting wowpost.exe and winaspi.dll, It is said that these are not needed in XP.

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Thank you, but I’m not sure what you mean by “Uninstall IDE channel the drivers are on” It looks like the only options I have are installing the drivers and reinstalling them, which I have done several times with Device Manager. When double clicking on either drive in Device Manager and clicking the General tab, I get the message “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware.” Maybe I should uninstall the drivers and leave them that way, then reboot to let Windows install them automatically. Would that work?

You should be able to go into the Device Manager and select each IDE controller and if you press the DELETE key, and press the OK button, it should let you remove that item from the list. Do not reboot immediately, but instead repeat the same step for every entry under the “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” entry. When finished, then go ahead and reboot and have your Motherboard Chipset Driver disk handy just in case.

Do you know what chipset your motherboard is? Is it a Via? If so, the 4-in-1’s (Hyperion I think they are called) should make that very easy to do. I have the latest Via drivers on my D: drive in a storage folder so that I can just run it off of there when I need it and not have to fish for CD’s.

Good luck.

The motherboard is an Intel Desktop Board CA810E, which is from the Stone Age, or older. It came with a software and manual CD, which I still have. But if the CD drive won’t work after I do all this, how can I do anything with the CD? Presently, the only removable drive access I have is through A:. Sorry to be a nitpicker, but I think I am in way over my head in this stuff.

Ok. That’s a good question. :slight_smile:

You could download the drivers from the web and store them on a folder on one of your drives.

Since you were kind enough to provide your board model, I did a search and found this page:


You should hopefully get the same screen I do and be able to download the drivers

In you first post you say: “…An analysis shows an error No. 39 on each drive…”.
This seems to indicate that your O/S does “see” the drives.

You also say: “Both drives are connected and installed and the drivers that were used before have been installed, removed, and reinstalled, but still no access”.
So, it seems that what you “installed, removed, and reinstalled” where just the drivers, not the drives. Right?
If so, did you try to remove the drives from the system?
As crossg says, XP doesn’t need any particular driver to install this hardware. I bought a bulk NEC drive that came with just a small piece of paper saying that.
If you didn’t remove the drives from the system before, try to do thiis (in the device manager) and restart the machine.

Problem solved! All I had to do was uninstall Nero and the problem went away. Now both drives are recognized and working. Even after uninstalling Nero, it is still present in the program list, but if it causes that much trouble I’m going to let it sit there unused instead of trying to get rid of it. thanks to everybody for the help.

How wacky. Glad you got it fixed though.