XP won't play (or read) audio CD-R

Just cut my first audio CD on my Benq DW1640 DD using EMC8.05. EMC says it has burned it properly, and the disc is verified correct. Inserting the disc into the drive it should playback automatically using autoplay, and I have selected JetAudio as the playback program. But nothing happens. Left-clicking on the CD drive in Windows Explorer causes the focus to immediately go to Drive C:. Right-clicking on the CD drive and selecting Properties shows it to be an Audio CD that is totally blank.

As a comparison (thinking they might be bad discs, I also burned a music files CD-R using Creator Classic, and the MP3’s were burned accurately. Double-clicking on them causes them to play with JetAudio normally.

Why can’t I burn an Audio CD that will play on a CD player? I checked the box in EMC so that it could be played on a car player, for example, and made it a closed disc.


I have no idea what EMC is, that could be a clue.

Roxio’s EasyMediaCreator 8.05. Sorry. Thought everybody knew that. The 2 major choices for CD burning programs with packet-writing software are Nero and EMC.

I should add that the original burned CD does not contain .mp3’s - only .cda’s. And pre-recorded retail CD’s also have the .cda’s. They won’t play, either.

I have been all through the Autoplay options in Properties.

The drive label (normally “DVD-RW Drive”) only shows “Audio CD” when an Audio CD is inserted, but does not show the actual label of the disc. Properties shows a blank disc; yet the contents are shown on the right panel of WinExplorer correctly. No Audio CD’s play automatically - or even when double-clicking on the file name of the .cda’s - although the selected music player does open. The music player does not list the current track, however.

Another related problem has arisen: Retail DVD Movies. Inserting a DVD pre-recorded movie disc (Behind Enemy Lines_US) will not autoplay, for example. Double-clicking on the 1st .vob file opens the player with an opening movie screen, but an error message says the DVD is not formatted for this region(?). Device Manager has always shown Region 1, so this really mystifies me!

Something is really screwed up. :confused:

More info: I have been using JetAudio to play CD’s and DVD movies, but I just now changed the settings for DVD movies to play with Sonic CinePlayer. It still doesn’t play automatically, but if I insert the disc and then open CinePlayer it automatically starts the movie without my doing anything at all - and the error message doesn’t appear for “incorrect region”.

The problem is fixed thanks to Darren over at PCQ&A. He suggested trying the Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard - available from MS. (I don’t have the link available, but you can get through Google.)

It fixed a simple registry setting, and now everything is working perfectly.

Thanks for trying.

Zeico :clap:

go to support.microsoft.com and use the search engine to find the file you need. are you running the latest version of xp?

I still suggest Google so you don’t have to go through all the validation crap. I have already used Google for this, and it is a direct download. OK…since you don’t want to Google it, here it is: www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-Tweak/Autoplay-Repair-Wizard.shtml