Xp wont install from CD!

I purchased a new motherboard and ram for my computer. After installing the new mb and ram i started up the computer and i got the evil blue screen, which was no problem as i backed everything up in case this happens so i can reinstall everything. The problem is that i cant boot from the CD so i can wipe the hd and install xp again, before on the old mb i could by going to f12 and selecting boot from cd but there is no option like that now… Help ME!!!

the motherboard i am now using is the Gigabyte GA-8i848PG. Is there anyway to do it from bios? all suggestion will be appreciated thx

You may have to set the boot order in your motherboard’s bios. You usually enter the bios after the ram is checked during POST by pressing the Del or F4 key when prompted (at least on the systems I have used). Check your motherboard manual for detials. You would want to set the device boot order to 1st device: CDROM then 2nd Device: HDD0 (for IDE device) or SATA (for sata device).

You may also want to check the manufacturers website for a BIOS update, and instructions on how to perform the flash.

Incorrectly flashing your boards BIOS could render it useless… However, some Gigabyte boards support DUAL BIOS, so if the process fails the backup will kick in. You will have to check whether your board supports this feature.

Good Luck!

I would be interested to see how you get on as I am also having trouble with a gigabyte MB a GA-8IPE775 Pro.See my post.

the MB’s drivers are different…probably have to format with the HD’s software and then install XP.

You could do a floppy boot?


i had to change one of the jumpers on my dvd rom from cable select to slave, this didnt make the boot from cd option appear but allowed me to go into bios, detect the dvd rom by going to advanced settings and then detecting ide cable slave and master connections. I then changed the booting order to primary->floppy, secondart->cdrom, third->hard disk. Then the computer entered the boot from cd function. Once windows was installed i then changed the booting sequence back too floppy, hard disk and the last to cd rom.

If anyone else has this prob try this cos it worked for me, thx everyone who tried to help me out

you can also boot to dos with a floppy and install xp from there