XP wants drivers after firmware flash



Now that I have done the firmware upgrade from 32123S to 40125S every time I boot up XP it brings up “found new hardware” and wants a driver to install for a 40125S burner.
I’ve never bothered to install a burner or CDrom driver Windows has always had a default one that did the job.Although the burner seems to be working fine it driver properties in devise manager say manufacturer unknown and for driver non availible.

The Liteon site has only firmware that I can find and no drivers and having the “found new hardware” wizard look on the XP disc found nothing either .

How do I get "found new hardware " of my back it makes getting underway at startup so much slower.


Welcome to XP…
Try uninstalling the IDE controller that the drive is on and rebooting, and/or do the same with the drive and let XP find it’s own driver.