Xp Update Woes

my pc was fine until i updated and validated my pc since its crashed and refuses to disc check my usb freecom external hardive it just locks up! It wont copy files across ie mp3 etc and wont do pc backups anymore , Take off the updates and just install basic xp from cd and all goes back to normal Re install new validation etc and back to a ruined pc , no spyware no viruses but this only started after I allowed this new software on my pc any ideas of a solution otherwise i will have to go dual boot and have linspire for surfing windows for my programs unless i get some help that is Please!

do you have a service pack 2 or 3 with your XP?

Service pack 3 for XP? Where did you get that? :stuck_out_tongue:

wtf does SHREK2005 want? :wink:
how about using .,;!-() <Enter-Key> to make the text readable?!?

yeah there is a SP 3 for XP http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=85af7bfd-6f69-4289-8bd1-eb966bcdfb5e&displaylang=en#filelist

Yep - that is for Office not the OS

oh thats correct…:slight_smile: good thing i’ve got office XP lol :bigsmile:

Xp update site has a new javascript thingie to prevent update :wink:

edit: oh and obviously a day later there is a work-aroound hehe :slight_smile:

@ SHREK2005 - Do you have a valid copy of Microsft Windows?

That’s for OFFICE… you knew that, right? This is a funny, yeah?

yeah i have office…i was laughing after i saw that…

Just use plain XP. Don’t update it. I had the same problem. Slow PC, software didn’t work,etc. I installed XP Pro. Pre SP2. Now my applications open in fraction of a second. Just use good AV and antispyware. (not Norton)

Actually it’s the update process itself that makes many machines go FUBAR. XP SP2 is just fine if the machine STARTS with it. I always make slipstreamed discs. It’s not rocket science, but it IS beyond the scope of many newbies, unfortunately.

i’ve updated xp pro sp1a to sp2 multiple times on fresh installs with no issues whatsoever…

Any Suggestions were to find the Work-around? :wink:

IE>Internet Options>Programs Tab>Manage Add-ons>Disable Windows Genuine Advantage :flower:

The key word here is “fresh”. :slight_smile:

It always works fine on fresh installs. Just not so much on older installs with a year or two worth of crud accumulated on the hard drive. :frowning:

one or two years worth of accumulated crud makes most things funky…software included :wink:

here you guys go, this will update your XP systems without the validation check. even works without IE. so you can even you firefox :slight_smile:
you can see which updates you want and select only the ones you want. very sweet IMO.

caveat (as mentioned by the site itself):


[li]There is a delay from when new updates are released from Microsoft to when they appear on this site.[/li][/ul]not good when security fixes are crucial/time sensitive (ie an exploit being perpetrated quickly and in a widespread fashion)…