XP-Task bar process missing file on startup

My friend…yes, I have a friend. :rolleyes:

He has a Dell with DellWinXP Installed on his system. The disc is somewhere,but he can’t find it.

He did find one that goes to another Dell puter he owns and he puts it in thinking it’s for this one,and it reads" This version of WinXP is newer than the one you have now".

He is looking for a repair Utility to load some missing or corrupted files upon startup. He has DSL broadband and it’s on all the time,but when he clicks on the AOL software, but it takes along time to respond and open up. he thinks it’s a Windows problem and not Aol because if what he deleted in the task manager. something “Host” I thought it was DLLhost.exe,but he wasn’t sure. I don’t think there is a “aolhost.exe”

He tells me he accidentally deleted a few files in the task manager thinking it’s going to speed up the system. That’s when he noticed this. He also noticed about 90 processes running in the task manager.

He has checked virus/spyware and found nothing suspicious. When he does find his disc (A big IF) can he plop it in to run a repair without reinstalling the XP program? if so, will he lose all his applications/personal docs,etc.? Thank You so much! :bow:

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Right click on “My computer” and select properties.

Take note of the version that is installed.
You will need a copy of THAT version to do a repair on his existing installation.

Alternately, if he takes note of his WinXP key that is on the sticker of his PC, he can boot off a SP2 CD (of the respective home or business flavour)and then install new-> “repair” the current installation.

This will NOT delete all his stuff, although it is prudent to ensure that you DO have a backup, as installing OS’s is not 100% guaranteed.

You could also try and run the SFC utility to ensure you have all necessary OS files.
Ofcourse for it to work properly, you need the right cd version.