XP Suddenly Slooowww... Windows Task Manager/Processes Anything Wrong?

I’m running XP on a Packard Bell Easynote E3255 with 40gigs of which 15gigs+ are free. Admittedly I’ve gotten into eMule and have it running all the time. Usually in addition I run MSExplorer and Outlook. Recently, the ‘system’ has slowed where I can’t open any additional windows unless I close another and even then windows would leave ‘echos’, and at one point I couldn’t even open the Task Manager. I’ve run the Virus Scans, AdAware Scans, Hijack This, etc. and nothing came up…

After a clean install the system worked nicely for a while, but within a week all problems started over. And even my laptop switched off several time for no reason at all. At this moment i’m getting a bit cranky… :a what can I do to prevent this? And how can I check which process is for what purpose?

Here is a list from all active processes after a fresh reboot…

Can anyone please help me out?

BTW… is it normal to have so much svhost.exe running? :confused:

the cure is only 1 …
format c:,
instal WinXP,
instal Drivers + Soft,
use norton Ghost,

and when its starts use ghost image :stuck_out_tongue: inm thats the best way :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, -=m@rsZ=- , how many processes have you running?
this is what i’ve got currently running…
only the o&o defrag service is manually turned off (only turn it on when i want to defrag).

It might help if you ditch some background programs (AcroTray, LogiTray) unless they’re really necessary, type “msconfig” into the run prompt and have a look at the programs in the “startup” tab. Might also be worth using a third party defragmentation tool like Diskeeper (Diskeeper is commercial, I can’t think of any freeware/free alternatives off the top of my head).

Thanks guys,

But I really haven’t installed that much background apps… Only a Bluetooth driver, Kasperski AV, Skype, MSN, Logitech cam driver and Nokia Phone manager. My system is now one week old and again it’s slow as hell. Putting back a ghostfile isn’t really an option, since all mod’s are lost during the step back.

With limited disk space & Emule running constantly I would most certainly defrag on a very regular basis & Disk Keeper & Perfect Disk are good defraggers to use as both will defrag the paging file & directories (and the MFT with NTFS). Only use the Windows one if you have to.

Turning off the indexing service & keeping down the number of files in your emule folders might also help.

I’m counting close to 50 Processes - thats about 20 too many at best. Cure: remove E-Mule, check processes, run Hijack this again. I will never install such crap on my box again.

BTW… is it normal to have so much svhost.exe running?
Touch wood svhost is a nasty Virus you mean svchost. It is normal to have more than one or multiple instances of svchost at once. However if your booting up your system and coming up with 5 or 6 instances before even loading an app - then somethings a hog.

I meant to add: Go Run> cmd> Type: ‘Tasklist /SVC’, and then press ENTER. This displays the services using svchost.exe
For specific detail on said process Type: Tasklist /FI “PID eq processID” (use quotation marks)

mabe you should try browsing the web NOT with iexplore.exe ? (as seen on your screenshot) :wink:

look up un-needed services you might turn off on blackviper.com, your system’ll be lighter.
also, in task manager sort processes by cpu use, to see who is hogging ram.

WAAAAAYYY too many processes running.
On my systems there is usually 20-25 processes listed at any given time.

I would suggest that you streamline the items list in your startup and remove the unnecessary ones. Not every application you install needs to run when the computer starts up. Your tray must be full of icons. On my system the only application that runs at startup is my antivirus application.

Pacman’s Startup Applications List

hijackthis will output a log file that is very useful in helping to see whats going on.

how much ram is on this computer?

use this website to get rid of the porcess u dont need…


i suggest u stop using emule, and go with limewire pro, which dosnt have spyrware, adware etc…

finally download microsoft spyrware and lavasoft adware…

maybe purchase a firewall or zonealarm…

but do all of this once u have formated ur computer

That site has been offline for a while now.


here: http://www.dead-eye.net/WinXP%20Services.htm


BTW: microsoft spyrware is allready active and lavasoft adware is installed.

that’s the reason.
running XP on a 256 machine works - running XP on a 256 machine with an Anti-Virus running in background, visual styles enabled and all that stuff like big drivers running in background, other applications running will fill up the memory very fast.
this results into more and more hdd-activity, as Windows swaps out files which don’t fit into the ram any more onto the hdd.
to close the circle, if your hdd is being used, which is slow as hell compared to RAM, + an anti-virus program is running which checks every hdd activity first, this will be the main reason for your system to react with delay.

Ouch … with all those services running … double ouch!

Windows XP uses about 150-170MB of ram in it’s default configuration (some even say upto 220MB’s) … with all those little proggies taking up, let say 2MB each, 25 services … you are using 220MB of your 256MB, before you even open a program …

Emule … likes to cache lots of stuff, that’s another 30-40MB and you are now into Swap file territory.

Emule + Swap File + OS + Other progges -> 1xHD.

Your HD is running overtime!

First things first:

  1. Disable all unnecessary services.
  2. Slap another 256MB of ram in the poor thing, or at least a 128MB if you can scab it off a friend that is up-to-date with the computer world.
  3. Get a second HD. Leave your poor overworked HD as the storage for Emule. The New generation HD’s have larger cache, higher data density and hence much better performance overall.

Okay, That sound logical… So how much should I order?

well, 512 mb are very fine for everyday usage.
i’m currently having 1GB installed, running DualChannel-mode, but that’s just because i’m a gamer :wink:

Okay… I hope it’s possible to order for this laptop…