Xp starts from floppy only

Pavilion dv2000 series. Came w/Vista, changed to XP Pro.
XP drivers installed after much hassle w/HP Support.
After crash & reformat HD, reinstalled XP OK but problems with drivers.
Trying the latest additions from HP, I ran a BIOS flash - big mistake. XP now reboots and reboots, no safe mode, nothing.
I could only boot from CD with MEPIS but couldn’t repair anything. Finally, I dug up an old XP boot floppy, connected a USB FD drive and got it up and running both in Safe and in Normal mode.
I have not tried to run the BIOS Flash pgm again (there is a BIOS.BAK file for restoring) afraid it will only make matters worse. But I would like to get the laptop to boot normally, guessing that the damage might be rather in the XP system files.
Any ideas??

BTW, trying to run install from the XP CD does NOT work, not a beep…

You have to set up the optical drive as bootdrive…

problem solved (in part).
Went to Startup and disabled all = boots OK. Now, to find the culprit…

yes, Boot sequence was set to FD-CD-HD

The disk was bootable, so everything else were ignored.