XP start up problems

Hi Guys…
I’'m new to CD Freaks and (theone1_) advised I post my problem under his name in the hope someone can help.

Computer specs:
Compaq Evo 1020v laptop
2.4 ghz
Windows XP Pro- Service Pack 2 (grrr)
512Mb/ ram
40gig HDD

The problem first occured when it came to the log-in screen. I put my password, clicked enter and the system shut down and rebooted.
Since then I have been unable to to get to the log-in screen altogether. It starts to load XP and just shuts itself down each time and reboots.
It’s also not allowing it to be started in safe mode or any of the other modes in DOS.

I then tried to re-install XP from the CD-ROM changing BIOS to boot from CD-ROM. It gets to 39 minutes remaining and has the followng error message:

Setup encounted an error while trying to upgrade the Internet Expolorer

Setup was unable to start service tabsrv of the following error:
OpenService (tabsrv) returned error 1060(424)

Setup has problems registering the following OLE control DLL:
Contact System Adminintrator

The signature for Windows XP Professional upgrade is invalid. The error code is 426.

I then restarted the computer removing the CD from the tray (changing bios settings again) and it tries to continue to install XP. Once it detects no CD it shows the following message:

Please insert the compact disk labelled ‘windows XP professional service pack 1 CD’ into your CD-ROM drive (D:) and then click ok

I’m at a loss on what to do now, so any advice would be greatly appreciated… and I know I shouldn’t have put SP2 in, I’ve regretted it since I did. Not sure if it matters, but all this occurred on the 29 December 2004.

Thank you in advance

I hope you are doing a “fresh” install & not just doing a repair install over the top of the old Windows! If not, then do that - make sure Windows Installation does a format of the hard drive.

There could also be a hard drive or RAM problem - which would explain the problem in the first place.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the advice 007, I tried removing one half of the ram, but didn;t change things. I’m desperately trying not to goto the extremes of formatting the HDD, totally last resort!

Have you cleared the CMOS on the motherboard incase bios settings are incorrect?

you have a windows xp cd, and not a service pack upgrade cd? definitely try to do a clean install rather than … whatever you did :wink:

A NT system may not be installed over itself. You must either install it to a new directory (dual boot) or make a clean install. In the old days of Win98, it was ok to install the OS on top of itself and it would fix what ever problem you had, this is not the case with a NT system. Never try to install Win NT/2000/XP on top of itself. It has something to do with security. NT makes SID for all user, it would be too easy to hack a computer if all you had to do was install the OS on top of it self.

I think that you can not repair your computer now as all system files like the registery and all the files in the C:\WINNT\system32\config directory are corrupt. You will have to make a clean reinstall.

Only an idea !

If your motherboard is dual channel you will need both sticks of ram in it, for it to work properly, so 1 of your sticks of ram may be faulty.


when turning on the computer will it not allow you to F10? and do a system recovery?

Isnt it F8 ?

Does your motherboard beep at start up, at all, ie short/long beeps, if so this can tell if you have some hardware problems like the motherboard, ram etc.

Don’t know how it wont reformat


Really guys, I fix things like this 10 hours a day, it´s a windows problem. There are viruses that can also make your system reboot all the time. (not that this was the reason it happen)


The problem really got big when you try to reinstall windows again, Why,

  1. First, the current windows on the computer was updated, making all major windows files newer then the ones on the cd. You are trying to reinstall old files over newer versions.

  2. Windows NT securtiy will not let you reinstall into the same directory of a current used installation with out messing everything up. If you reinstall into the same directory, windows will crash afterwards.

  3. When you tried to reinstall, you write a new registery database, meaning that all the setting are gone. The most inportant files that windows use are stored in C:\WINNT\system32\config. Dont even try to delete anything from here, windows will crash. When everything is configured, windows stores all the information into this directory. You overwritten them when you tried to reinstall over itself.

The easiest thing for you to do is reinstall with a fresh installation. You can even try to install windows into another directory, then you can see your old windows folder. Im almost 100% sure that a fresh install is the only solution.

And sorry if I sound like a know it all, that´s not my intention

on my Compaq a system restore…is F10

F8 is for safe mode, F5 is (I believe) to manually indicate what you do and what you don’t want to run in boot…

(but don’t trust my word as non-technical for it :wink: )

If you are up to it try repairing it this way. I have fixed several systems this way :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It really works if you don’t mind spending some time on it or you have data you haven’t backed up :o :o :o :o