XP SP2 Safe Mode

Hi, Has anyone come across this issue I am experiencing? When I boot into ‘Safe Mode’ my mouse cursor is displayed on screen, but is totally inactive,preventing me from proceeding any further. Otherwise my system is stable with no other issues. Have tried reinstalling mouse drivers, checked Device Manager for any iregularities etc. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance…

XP Home SP2
Asus A7V8X-MX (Bios rev1008)
AMD AthlonXP 2500+ Barton
WD 800JB 80GB IDE 7200rpm (Primary IDE_Master)
BenQ DW1640_BSLB (Secondary IDE_Master)
LiteOn XJ-HD166S_DS1E (Secondary IDE_Slave)

Is your mouse USB or PS/2? Is it wireless?

Yes I have that problem when I restore the HDD image with Acronis. My USB mouse won’t work. So I plug an old serial MS mouse and reboot. It works OK. :smiley:

Microsoft InteliMouse 1.1A Serial compatible Mouse…thanks for your response…quoll

Redback5, interesting that you mentioned Acronis. I frequently update my C :\ Partition (uncorrupted via Acronis verification). I haven’t used Safe Mode for quite some time, so don’t know for sure if it’s my Microsoft InteliMouse 1.1A Serial compatible Mouse, Acronis, a Windows glitch or other?..thanks for your response…quoll

if it isnt working in safe mode the OS isnt loading the driver for it.

plug in an oldschool serial mouse and watch it work. make sure you do this before you power it up :smiley:

ckin2001, thanks for the idea.will try