Xp-sp2 is it a gamekiller?



Am having problems playing some games since downloading (automatically) service pack2. Some copied discs will not load , error message occurs and prompts to send to microsoft.These games have worked fine over the last couple of years & on different systems. Am I paranoid? Is it SD2 that has caused this and if so can the error be reversed without reformat?


Sp2 is sometimes a pain in the … Many prg/appz wont run full proof blame sp2 thats a fact


i agree, sp2 can be a real pain, most pcs get on fine with it however a small percentage don’t (a small percentage of the large number who have installed it, is still a large number). I’ve had trouble networking mine when i installed it, couldn’t get it to work, and when i uninstalled it my pc is now really unstable. If you want to be sure that it is sp2 then uninstall it, try playing your games, if they work then maybe your better off without sp2 is the only thing i can suggest.

Don’t worry about taking it off, it doesn’t offer that much in the way of features anyways, just a few security patches which you could probably download seperately, and an improved firewall which is crap anyway so shouldn’t need to use it so long as you have a third party firewall.


Have you tried uninstalling /installing the games to see if it plays better, sp2 says some apps should be reinstalled, only an idea ?



I’ve got SP2 installed and havn’t a problem running games on it at all.


already have got SP2 installed (made a slipstreamed xp pro install cd) and it works without any problem…


No, not at all. DEP shouldn’t interfere too much with games, more with applications using core’s operative system files, like firewalls.


Have tried reinstalling games but is still a no go. Will remove sp2 and see what happens. Thanks for the feedback.


Did you try to apply update patches :rolleyes: ?


No I havent. Should I?