XP SP2 giving more problems than solutions

I have recently installed SP2. But it is causing more problems than solutions. Firstly, the ever-present and annoying message “Your computer might be at risk”. Please does anybody know a trick to get rid of this balloon? Secondly near this balloon another annoying balloon saying “this connection does not work…” whereas I know that it is a fictitious connection brought up by the SP2 and nothing can be done about it. Again if anyone knows how to get rid of these messages please write. Yet another big window with a message saying the Windows messenger wants to start. I had uninstalled the windows messenger, now with SP2 it came out of the blue sky and I can not get rid of it. Please any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

i don’t about the first two but in the case of messenger what can happen is that xp installs it when you install xp, thats one version and usually when you update it to the lastest version (or some other version more updated than the install one) it makes a completely seperate program for some reason. So uninstalling it from add/remove programs will remove the updated one, but not the one that came with windows, to uninstall that you need to go to add/remove programs and click add/remove windows components down the side, then go down the list and uncheck msn messenger.

Hope that helps, i had a similar problem, i hated having two seperate msn messengers when there the same program surely.