XP showing less HD space

I just bought a new computer with a 40GB hard drive, the thing is WinXP is showing it as 33. something GBs…is this common?? Or it because off all the crappy ads and stuff that come with the program that filled up my HD. Because I read somewhere that XP only takes about 1.5 GBs…not 7 GBs! Thanks.

Oh yea, my package didn’t come with a recovery CD (It’s a Hewlett Packard) is that not required with M$s new OS? :slight_smile: Thanks again.

The hard drive is recognized in your BIOS as a 40 GB harddrive?
If so, this is a software issue only. It could be that you have 2 hard drives listed in your Windows Explorer, then the hard drive is divided into 2 (or more) partitions.

As for licensing of MS Software, there should be a barcode label on the side or on the back of your computer with the license code of your Windows.

For more information of Microsoft licensing you can check this link:

The thing is that I ordered it custom…the puter…with a 40 GB HD. When I barely turned on the computer that’s what it recognized it as. There’s only one HD too.

Oh and the recovery thing, it turns out XP doesn’t need a Disc, you just hit F10 at startup and it takes you to the menu. Thanks!

From what I understand the system is installed with WindowsXP. You say you bought the computer recently so did it come with any software preloaded. Also have they left an image of the windowsXP on the drive which is taking up yet more space, it doesn’t take long to fill it you know. There could be a hidden partition on the drive (HP love doing this) which contains images of all of the programs preloaded onto the system. This could account for all of the space used up. You could try looking a the disk using Fdisk or even partition magic to show you what you really have.:smiley: