XP show blank dvd as cd

I’ve had a problem for several months with blank dvd discs being read as cds. I’ve used (purchased) 3 different burners and tried several different brands of discs. I’ve tried many freeware burning apps, Nero 7, Sony something (came with one of the burners).
I’m guessing it’s not the burners, discs or software.:rolleyes: But probably conflicts, settings…
If you need more info like system specs, let me know what and where to find it on my pc and I’ll give you all you need to help me. Thanks.

Windows “sees” DVDs as CDs. Check with Nero and it will “see” them as DVDs. Search this forum.

Thank for the advice. I may have found my problem. I re-installed Nero and it gave me a “unwritable” error. I received a “not empty” error when I tried a different brand. (forgot to label it.) I found an even older disc and it works. Too bad I bought 100 HP brand coasters. Looks like the kids will be learning a new art project.

So, the freak chain of errors went something like this…
The first DVD burner went bad. The second is good…the discs were bad. That explains why it ‘used to work’. The 3rd burner is good. I have 100 coasters and 200GB of elementary sports and school recitals to burn on disc.

Thanks again for the insight.

If burners went bad in-a-row, then mostly the PSU is the troublemaker. :Z