XP sense error under CDRWIn and FB!

Got a problem with CDRwin and Fireburner. The problem is a buddy of mine has some cd’s he purchased and made bin/iso files
to back them up.

Ok here is the problem. It does the same thing out of CDRwin and Fireburner! The error is identical in both softwares. Nero and clonecd works fine. Something is making a sense error. I have never seen a sense error, but have seen track errors.

Anybody have ideas what the hell is going on. Oh btw, the setup is this
XP pro
768mb ram
and a 750 mhz chip.

HEre is the log file
Recording device: TEAC CD-W524E

Firmware version: 1.0B

Recording method: Session-at-once

Recording Speed: Max


// Test burning - no data will be written to CD


Thread1: Executing (Cache enabled)

Thread1: Setting Write Parameters

Thread1: Write parameters set

Thread1: Reading Disc Info

Thread1: Reading Next Track Info

Thread1: Start LBA is -150

Thread1: Sending Cue Sheet

Thread1: Processing Track 1 Pregap [150 Sectors]

Thread1: Processing Track 1 [Mode2] [450 Sectors]

Thread1: Processing Track 2 [Mode2] [6979 Sectors]

Thread2: Executing

Thread2: Write Error @ Sector 5688

Thread1: Processing Track 3 [Mode2] [320793 Sectors]

***Thread2: Sense Error: ILLEGAL_REQUEST (INVALID FIELD IN COMMAND PACKET) (0x05 0x24 0x00)

Thread2: Synchronizing Cache

Recording complete
It comes up in both applications. I think it might have to do him upgrading xp’s native cd burning software.

Anybody have any ideas. I did do a search and through the forum and have not seen any things about it yet.

I have the very same problem mate.

I tried installing the ASPI later 4.7 drivers too thinking that should sort, however, no such luck!

I have problems under Roxio 5 too under XP.

An expert insight to resolve this problem would be greatful. :wink:

Hmm wondering if its hardware related with the burner itself, dont know yet but interesting to know if someone else has come across this error also.

Think I found the problem, apparently it might have been a corrupt image.