XP reinstall problem

I have a Seagate sata drive that has XP Pro on it and I’m trying to a reinstall
on it to correct some errors causing it not to boot. What I’ve tried to do (repeatedly) is boot into safe mode using my XP disc, then select the install option
and every thing runs fine, until with 1 second left, while deleting files it stops and kicks back to the beginning and I have to start over. Am I doing something wrong??
thanks, foghat

well if your trying to FORMAT and REINSTALL (which is probably the best option if your pc is messed up) you will need to BOOT from your XP CD and format the drive and then reinstall XP from the disc.

WARNING: FORMAT and REINSTALL WILL delete ALL your DATA on your hard drive!!! so be warned if you have any important data you need to backup first before doing this.

Thanks for the reply…but what I want to do is the reinstall over the existing one. I’ve done it before but it’s never quit with one second left.
thanks, foghat