Xp recovery problem

I m having a problem restoring my xp home edition I have a COA on the side of my desktop from HP I needed to know where could i find a place to download XP home and just put in my COA and repair my OS because there is no other way left. I lost my XP home disk and recovery CDs when I moved can anyone help me instead of buying a new one when i need to do is just activate it.

Quick answer-Call HP and order the disc set for your machine. As far as I know there is NO way to download XP or even the recovery CD’s. If you are really stuck-buy a copy of XP from Newegg before they are no longer available.
The drivers for your machine are available from HP’s website.

This seems to be a theme lately…the third question on the front page of the Newbies about downloading Windows operating systems.

The only answer we can give you that keeps you from spending full price for the OS is what jc836 has already told you. Order the restore disks from HP.