XP reactivation

I’ve read somewhere that after upgrading hardware that windows XP needs reactivation/re-purchasing. How many changes can you make before this happens and is there anyway of finding out how many changes are left?

XP retail has no limit to what you can change, as long as it’s only installed on one machine at a time, it’s OK. XP OEM is tied to a piece of hardware you bought it with, so if it’s OEM just lie and say you’re using it with whatever piece of hardware is convenient. Sometimes they just allow you to activate over the phone, but sometimes they make you call them. If you have to call, just tell them you bought your copy with a hard drive, and you’re still using that same one. Also, it can only be installed on one machine. I’ve never had a problem activating XP for my friends, just don’t tell them you bought it with your old parts and you’re not using them anymore, or they’ll tell you to buy a new copy!!! It’s such a stupid lame @$$ scheme, I dunno what they think that accomplishes. It does sell more copies of XP to those that are too stupid to figure out what to say to get it activated. Good old M$, trying to hose people every way possible!!! :Z :Z :Z

that’s not correct, also a “retail” XP needs to get re-activated in some cases. i know this from own experience…
there are several components which are “spectated” by XP, e.g. the HDD(s), graphic card, (scsi) controllers. there’s also a (non-official) tool out there (i don’t know where to get it, had the link from this forum some months ago) which shows you what has changed since last activation and how many changes you have left before re-activations will be forced.

btw: for re-activation, you only have 3 days.

I didn’t say you wouldn’t have to re-activate, they just allow you to activate retail versions with whatever hardware you want. Where as an OEM copy they give you a hastle as to whether you purchased the hardware with your copy of XP, and you’re still using it. The both hose you with the activation crap equally as much, but retail you have more freedom. You’re only allowed one machine at a time with either. :iagree:

yeh, but retail does’t give you free hand when you want to re-activate, i also had the case that re-activation did NOT work, because of “too many activations with your license number”…
well, the funny thing about this was that re-activation did NOT work (via internet), but after a fresh install (which i decided to do, then, because of the changed hardware) the first activation try (also via internet) with the new hardware did succeed :slight_smile:

I think the tool is xpinfo and can be found at http://www.licenturion.com/xp/

not sure if it’ll be any help but i’ll give it ago

yes, i think this is the small program i was talking about. if you run it you can see which hardware is watched for WPA and which hardware was changed since the WPA - shown by a missing mark in the checkbox in front of it.

Here is a short 7pg article on re-activation and which components trigger it.