Xp pro

no matter what i do i cant copy my xp pro

when i go to insta ll it i see… cannot find ntsdl
also…thats what identifies the harddrive to the disk, microsoft has a fix for this but its different for my 98se disk, it says it only happens when placed over a fat32 file system, like i had on there. im stumped. i am trying to make a copy of this piece of crap so i can give the original back to the it guy at my moms office…its gotta be back friday…god help me please i wanna upgrade my second machine

im using nero 5.5 if it means anything

Maybe it knows the copy is not yours and the software refuses to back it up properly :slight_smile:

thanks thats pretty helpfull

To copy xp pro from the cd, just use clonecd and use the data profile. It will take 5 mins and will work perfectly. I used my plex premium and a made up profile but it will work just the same. I had no problems and nor should you if it’s a legitimate disc and not a copy or a download :cop:

thanks mr burrows ill give it a try…so whats the deal with copying a copy?

It’s not very legal!!! unless you own the original, however i strongly doubt that if you are going to copy a copy :confused: otherwise you’d just use the original, and get a much better result.

Plus a copy of a copy will always be a degraded version to the original as you don’t know how well the copy was copied…

If you get what i mean :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: LOL it must be all this festive drink i’m being forced to have :bow: :bow:

but a copy of a copy uses the same method as above? clonecd?

LOL, unfortunately as you have just shot yourself in the foot, the best advice i can give you is to buy it, and then you won’t have to worry about making a “backup” :rolleyes:

ow my foot…thanx :slight_smile:

Next time make it your typing wrist, achem i mean hand :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: