Xp Pro SP2 "deactivation" help...?

hello all CD freak members. i am new here, as i have been searching the internet for something to help me out with my operating system. I have windows xp pro with sp2 OEM, which i bought from spartentech.com, yeah, they gave me a OEM version. well, i installed it on my wifes laptop, and i just built a new computer, and i installed it on that to, after i called microsoft to swich the product id, cuz i lost the original. LOL. it is running fine, on both computers. my wifes is activated. mine is not. i can NOT, for the life of me, find a crack or something, to let me keep XP PRO “sp2” forever. like, a deactivation things or something. i have looked around here, and i havent found anything. help please? thank so much guys.

It may only be installed legally on 1 PC…

Your request is illegal and against forum rules.

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