XP Pro does not recognize my NEC 3520a



I just received the 3520a OEM version from NewEgg yesterday but when I put it into my computer, it does not recognize it as the correct drive. I had a Artec 52X cdrw drive installed 5 days ago along with a lite on dvd rom that i repalced with the nec 3520a. Before I installed the 3520a, The artec and the lite on drives were working fine. Now afterreplacing the liteon drive (slave drive) with the 3520a (set this as the slave drive as well) the only two drives recognized in device manager are 2 scsi drives (which they aren’t because they are supposed to be ide/atapi drives). I’ve experimented with switching the drives between master, slave, and cable select, and uninstalling them to try to have windows detect them again, but no luck at all. Please help…

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You MUST have 1 Master and 1 Slave per IDE channel. You CAN NOT have two slaves or two masters. The only acceptable way to have jumpers set the same on two drives on the same IDE channel is to have them both set to Cable Select, you still have one master and one slave on the channel that way. I would suggest you set one drive to master and one to slave.


Hey thanks for the reply. I think you might have gotten it confused. I was just saying that I had my Artec set as the master and the 3520 set as slave just as I had the liteon set as slave before I took it out. So currently my Artec is master and the 3520a is set to slave. I never had two drives set as slave simultaneously. Sorry for the confusion.


Try replace the IDE cable with a new 80 pin cable. Last time when I replace the tdk cdrw with the 3520 for my friend he has XPpro also. Once installed the computer bootup slow and didn’t see the drive. I try to switch btw master & slave, delete the ide channel and reboot to let it install again, auto detect on the bios all doesn’t work. But once we replace the IDE cable. Computer bootup fast and detect the drive right away.


Yup I misread. Sorry, didn’t have enough crack for breakfast today. What if this is the only device on the cable?


Thank you all for the Hel. It was actually the IDE cable…weird. Still don’t get it. The old cable was working just fine with the other drives. I used the cable that came with the retail Artec 52X rewritable and everything was recognized just fine through the bios. Thanks!

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I thought proper DMA fast modes were only selectable and usable with 80pin ide cable’s - the 40 pin variety is too old and slow (not differential, so noise gets in the way at fast speed).


Good to hear you fix your problem. It’s weird and I still can’t figure it out. Last time with my friend’s computer. The old cable is also 80 pin came with the TDK CDRW retail pakage. It work with the TDK drive perfectly for a year. But no matter what I do I can’t make it to work with the 3520a. But once I change it with a cheapie 80 pin cable ($1 from computer show). It solved all the problem.