Xp pro and saved files



Hello people,
If i upgrade to xp pro will i have all my files, programs etc as is ? I don’t want to have to reinstall everything!!


If you do it properly, you should :slight_smile:


The version of xp pro i have when choseing install explains thst the version of windows on my comp is newer then the 1 on the disk. If I continue i will have to reinstall programs and files? I have xp home and the disk is pro. What’s up with that?


The version of xp home probably has updates (i.e. SP2) that the disk does not. If that is the case check with MS they might send you a gratis disk of XP Pro with SP2 incorporated or you can slip-stream in SP2 to the one you have or roll back the home version by removing SP2.


If I were in your situation I would never install SP2. But, then again that is me.


Still running WXP Pro SP1. SP2 is CRAP. Just make sure you firewall is properly configured. I’m running Zone Alarm Pro 4.5.594.000 with only SP1 and an email virus scanner. No other patches!


Thanks people!