XP not reading PX-708UF as DVD-RW



Hey guys,

My name is Edwin and I’m new here. I bought the PX-708UF about 2 years ago from a friend and was writing DVDs quite fine. I was away for 9 months and recently just hooked up my PX-708UF to my computer to burn some DVDs but somehow, my XP Pro is only reading the drive as a CD-RW instead of a DVD-RW.

During those 9 months, I did a full re-installation of my Windows XP Pro. I tried upgrading the f/w to 1.12. Still the same. Then I downgraded to 1.06, 1.04 and still it’s reading it as a CD-RW drive.

Some help would be appreciated. Can I do a restore on my PX-708UF to its factory state?



What software are you using for disc writing? What does Nero InfoTool say about the drive’s capabilities?