XP no longer recognizes blank DVDs in LG GSA H10L won't recognize blank DVDs, but I can burn with NBR?

A new strange thing with blank media that has cost me some money in return postage . . .

I’ve had this drive for almost three years and it’s never given me a lick of trouble.

I’d ordered some Verbatim 16x DVD-r from Amazon, and when I put a blank DVD in the drive, the light flashed, I heard some spinning, and then nada.

When I opened My Computer and clicked on the drive, it told me to insert a DVD.

I went returned them and ordered TY 16x from SuperMedia Store.
Same issue.
[I still have the 16x here - haven’t gotten an RMA or gotten to the post office yet]
I ordered TY 8x thru Amazon partner and they arrived today and I popped one in the drive and . . .
same thing.

[I’m telling you where the TY’s are from in case it’s pertinent - I see so much info here about disc source in addition to mfg place and brand]

Ran to Best Buy and bought Sonys on sale - I’ve never had an issue with Sonys.
Came home, popped one in the drive and nothing.

Formerly, when I put blank media in, I’d get the dialogue box asking me what I wanted to do and I would answer “Cancel.”
So now, no dialogue box and XP thinks there’s no disc in the drive.

From quickly skimming another thread here, I got the idea to use Nero CD-DVD speed to look at the drive/disc. I opened it, and lo and behold, it saw the blank Sony!

I decided to try and burn a DVD from files on a hard drive using Nero Burning ROM. I have a successfully burned DVD now.

I just popped it back in the drive and got the dialogue box.

A transfer rate test says it burned fine.

CD-DVD speed recognizes the TYs also, and so I supposed they will burn just fine.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here -

why is XP all of a sudden failing to recognize blank media in this drive?

I can probably get by just fine as long as Nero knows it’s there because I can’t think of anything I do with DVDs NOT in Nero, but still . . .

any suggestions are welcome.

Blank CDs give me the dialogue box as they always have.

XP Home, SP1


Windows XP can’t deal with blank DVD media at all. So this is not an issue, it’s a feature.

Perhaps you have had some 3rd party software installed previously, which does no longer work for some reasons, or which has been uninstalled.

As long as you can use DVD burning software, all is fine here.


I haven’t uninstalled anything lately.

Oh, well, as you say, as long as Nero can burn, who gives a flying fig.

Still, I wish I’d found out Nero was recognizing the discs before I became the proud owner of 250 blank DVDs.

No, the burner needs to recognize the discs, nero is just the “left hand of satan”…the burning app. :slight_smile:

So, if nero can see the disc, then the burner is recognizing it.

All my burning is going fine.

[I’m giving away burned dvds like crazy - I have the 250 to use!]