Xp media center edition

I have tried to reinstall windows xp on to my laptop, but as i had lost the cd, i used my pc windows cd… This was however XP home, and the laptop originaly came with xp media center… oops
This means the key on the bottom of the laptop doesnt work :frowning:

Now as i see it i have two options… re install xp media center or buy a fresh copy of xp home and use that key…

To install xp media center i will need the cd, can this be made? iv seen torrents… or is there another option?


Most Laptops come with a restore partition that will restore your computer to it’s original state.

Check out the web for your make and model to gain access to this partition.

To install xp media center i will need the cd, [/quote]Indeed. If there is no recovery partition, you may contact the support dept. of the laptop manufacturer. Perhaps you can order a replacement disc.

iv seen torrents…
A big nono, unless you want to be an active member of several botnets :eek: