XP MCE 2005 Display Configuration Wizard

I have a new Dell PC and when I first started it up, it offered to run the MCE display configuration wizard. I figured I would do that at a later time especially since my new monitor hadn’t arrived yet.

Now I have my new monitor and have tried to access this, but can’t get it to load. From the MCE Start screen, I go to Settings -> TV. But it says “The Tuner Hardware is Either Malfunctioning or Not Installed”.

Granted, I DO NOT have a tuner with my PC. Does this mean that I can’t use the monitor calibration feature of Media Center?

Also, it is weird it offered to do this when I first started the PC, but it won’t even let me in there now.


How do you calibrate a TV screen without it hooked up to your PC?

PC monitors do not need calibration through software. They have buttons on the front for cailbration.

I use Avia and DVE on my home theater display, but that’s kinda OT.

I’m trying to do basic calibration of my PC’s Dell 2007WFP with XP MCE’s configuration wizard. I assume it has color, hue, etc. adjustments? I can’t do those adjustments directly in the monitor because it only allows brightness and gray scale adjustments. It doesn’t allow contrast, color, hue, sharpness, etc. adjustments.

The Dell LCD should allow and have an option for color and sharpness. The others should simply be located in advanced view of the display properties… this can also vary depending which video card the PC has.