XP keys and copying

Here’s the situation: I have Windows XP Home ver 2002 OEM. Its a generic oem installation disc that can work any mobo. My brother has XP Upgrade CD. To spare him from long installs (he has to install Win98 first then XP upgarde), I wish make a copy of my XP CD and give it to him. I won’t of course gave him my key. He has the key for XP ugrade which I assume he can use it on the duplicated XP CD. Am I right? Can he use the upgrade cd key for the full XP cd during installation?

And, this may be a silly question :o , but I need to be assured if there are no copy protection on XP installation disc. Are there? :doh:

You can’t use the Upgrade CD key on the full install, they are different.

However, you can boot from his Upgrade CD, and just use a win98 CD for verification, without installing win98, and the XP Upgrade CD will install the same as the full install CD.

Alternatively, you could take a look at this page: http://www.petri.co.il/use_oem_version_to_upgrade_xp.htm
By changing the values in the setupp.ini file before you burn the disc copy, you can give your brother a full install disc that will accept upgrade license keys, hopefully solving your problem neatly.

EULA violation? :cop:

It is rumoured that if you slipstream the upgrade CD (assuming it is XP original) to SP2, the upgrade validation check is lost, but it will still take the upgrade key.

No idea if that is true, but it would only waste a CD-R to find out.

There is NO special protection on Windows XP CDs - the protection on XP is activation

Worked for me with Win2k upgrade (still works).
If the upgrade CD is bootable (which it most likely is), the Win98 CD will only be needed for verification, no need to do a full install.

The other suggested methods are not legal and cannot be allowed on this forum.

It is as Da Tax and debro have said, there is no need to install 98. Just boot and install with XP upgraed, it then asks for the older OS disc for verification only during the installation. I have XP upgrade disc and have never installed an older version when I have done a fresh re-install after a format.