XP Keeps On Compressing My Files

I have WinXP Home, with two HDDs under NTSC. I found recently that a bunch of my personal files are compressed. Then I looked into my Program Files, and found over half my program files were compressed. But I never told my HDD to compress them and the Compress Drive part for both drives are unchecked.

Please tell me why this is happening, how I can stop it, and how I can uncompress all my files at once.

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(ntfs…nt file system)

how can you tell that they are compresssed??

i think you can chose the compress option for every map" and for every " file"…did you check if it was enabled?
if it is en-abled…you have to uncheck the option for every file

You know that folder option to half the text name for files that are compressed to be colored blue? Well a lot of my files were like that, and when I checked their advanced options, the compression option was checked.

I uncompressed them all by goin to Run…, then running “cmd.exe” and then typing the following commands:
cd \
COMPACT /u /a /s /i

But I still dunno why it did it in the first place, I mean I still have tons of HD space left on the drive, unless windows automatically compress files that are rarely used. But it even compressed a lot of files in the Windows directory.


did the compressed files give you any problems??

Well I’ve been experiencing a lot of times when explorer.exe would have a major memory leak, as in it would have 100% cpu utilization for no reason. Maybe its because of this, maybe not. The compressed files opened fine, though for like large ones I can see a lil performance degradtion. I just wanna ask does anyone know if WinXP has a feature to do auto compression on files that are rarely used or something?


do not know about that…that would mean every body has the same problem…which can not be called a problem anymore

case solved…lol

My drives are compressed all of them, I haven’t noticed a performance issue or any other type of problem…And no XP will not compress unless told to do so…

Well I guess there’s a slight possiblity I sleep walk and did something to the pc, though I really doubt it. But I guess its alrite as long as the files don’t compress again for at least a few months.


if you use xp’s disc clean up you’ll see an option to compress old files check and see if its ticked or not,if it is untick it. If you dont use a file in xp for a week or so it considers them old for some reason.

hope this helps:)

Man, slayerking, ur a genius, thanks a lot, it was enabled. That just goes to show you that default options on Windows aren’t always the best and that documentation for Windows sucks.

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Man, slayerking, ur a genius, thanks a lot

yeah i know:bigsmile:

no problem mate

Does anyone have disk compression enabled and if so does anyone have issues with it?

You can also do away with the compression option all together by deleting the Compress Old Files option in the Registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches.
This also removes it as an available option in Disk Cleanup.
I use this reg tweak on every system I build.