Xp issue with vcd software.help!

Can anyone help me out? I bought the Jasc Paint Photo album 4.04 so I could play around with my digitals and burn them to vcd in their program. At first it worked pretty good but now it only works if I uninstall my cd burner from device manager and let it reinstall after rebooting. Ive replicated the problem 3 or 4 times. Thats the only way I can get it to work. Is it possible some other burning software or the xp built in burning software is conflicting? The only other burning software I have installed is musicmatch. Anybody got any ideas.?

P.S I couldnt get Nero or Roxio to work either. Thanks Much Bob

Jasc Paint Photo album 4.04 … so I could play around with my digitals???
Sounds like you are trying to make a photo album play on your dvd player, or am i wrong?

Thats not a VCD, it uses a VCD like menu for a stand alone DVD Player to read/access and cycle the pictures in a manner of a slideshow.

Are you burning these as VCD option???
You shouldn’t be in Nero, usually a stand alone mp3 player than can read jpg format can read these burned as data.

Or, the only software I seen to make portable very compatible slideshow cd’s is WinOnCD. Version 5 should not give you any problems.

It is called a vcd in their software. Yes I want to make a slideshow, add music and watch on my home dvd. It has worked at times but something else seems to be taking over (XP?)

i thought one of the older versions of nero had the option of making a picture cd. i dont use it atm, though, so i cant verify that. you would tell it to close the wizard, and then view file->compilation info. it was one of the options on the left, if i recall.