XP is going to be a bestseller....?



I just posted the article XP is going to be a bestseller…?.

According to Microsoft, Windows XP is going to be the fast selling OS ever! On October the 25th XP is to be available in stores and it should be perfect. As Microsoft says, the 25th of October 2001…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1781-XP-is-going-to-be-a-bestseller____.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1781-XP-is-going-to-be-a-bestseller____.html)

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WinXP takes a very long time to boot and it’s not any better than 2000. Lots of stupid icons, unnecessaary features, non-working apps… They are stable though, although you can wait for some dozens of minutes to update just a driver… :r


And how exactly can you say that about xp ? do you have a final build of it running ? I dont think so, its not fair complaining about a lousy Beta product, wait until the final version appears then complain:)


I wouldn’t say notepad is perfect at all. For example, turn wordwrap on or off, and try to exit. Somehow the stupid program is convinced the text file has changed and will want to write it to disk… :frowning:


Has anyone ever heard of notepad locking up or causing a BSOD? I haven’t heard of one all the way back to the first ‘final’ beta of Win95


XP a bestseller??? Well to be honest I’m afraid so!! Sadly enough there’s bound to be some naive lamas actually using this the biggest piece of Spyware crap ever introduced, but hey that’s life for Ya. Some people simply just don’t have very high demands for their OS/Software or privacy for that matter, and sadly Microsoft and various other companies (think they)will benefit from this ineptitude. I can tell You one thing though, it’s NOT getting on any of my boxes. For some weird reason I for one don’t feel like having my privacy invaded and thus don’t really feel like establishing a permanent highway of dataflow to M$ servers. For instance I really don’t think my hardware setup is any of their business AT ALL. Also it has to be said that free software vs. having to pay for it isn’t an issue for me at all since I have always and will always be willing to pay for products that’re actually worth the $$. On a last note, to all You guys at Redmond: Keep up the “good” work, eventually it’s bound to make more and more people go the penguin way. Go .NET! NOT!!! :d


Most copied sure :4 , selled we will see :+


notepad locked up here already :wink: couldn’t handle all text on one line , typed one word after it, and floep fatal error :slight_smile: nothing is perfect


It ‘may’ be able to be ‘near’ perfect ‘without’ the activation code procedure.


The Word Wrap bug and the fact Notepad can’t open really big files only occurs in Win98, not NT/2000. Win2000 even saves Notepad’s position and size !


If you ask me anything that MS releases now will be much better than it’s predecessor; in this case Windows ME/2000. Windows XP will bring a lot more to the table in turns communications, compatability issues, and of course security. With the XP on the way the last thing we are going to have to worry about is arguing over word wraps in Notepad.exe. Which by the way is not perfect, but then again who cares?:slight_smile:


Windows XP is just annother windows 2000 clone with some win me shit:(


:slight_smile: Notepad can be cracked, which makes it open large files =)