XP installation problem

I am trying to do a total reinstall of XP on a DELL Dimension 8400. Everything appears to go normal. It formats the drive and then starts copying files, but always gets hung up at 17% and dumps to the dreaded blue screen. I’ve tried several times and same results. Is this a hardware related problem or something else? Any suggestions on how to maybe handle this?

bad optical drive, bad power supply, bad ram, dying cpu, bad hard drive, bad motherboard

seen all these keep xp from loading

I had a similar problem trying to reinstall XP Pro on a new hard drive in a Dell notebook. Made a copy of the Dell XP disc and that worked with no problems at all.

Yea, I thought of that too and used another legitimate XP Pro disc I had, but same EXACT problem occurred. I thought maybe it was the CDRom drive and replaced that, but it didn’t help either. I thought about doing a low level format, but not sure that would do the trick.

test the memory and the hard drive with boot utilities

make sure all the fans(incl ps) are clean

go into bios and see if there’s any temp or voltage problems?

What code does the blue screen give you?

I have recently had this problem on a computer I just built. The problem turned out to be quite simple. The new motherboard has SATA hard drive connection and I was using an IDE hard drive and it would not install XP until I disabled the SATA. Figure its worth a shot.

Happened to me when I once had my scanner plugged un. Remove all USB devices or anything else connected. Keep the core elements of what you need. As mentioned before, also try running any possible diagnostics on the PC to eliminate any point of failure to be hardware related.