XP instalation on SATA

Hai all
I connect 250 gb SATA hdd (seagate) to my desktop .Mother board is SATA supporting .I successfully partitioned Hdd into two and installed XP on C drive.Every thing was good and installation completed.System rebooted itself and logon screen also displayed.But from that moment there is no progress and system seems to be hanged.I tried rebooting and all possible ways.no …use.Now i cant even reinstall.When trying to reinstall set up copying all files and saying windows starting…but nothing happening.Now when the set up screen displaying on monitor RED LED indicator for HDD automatically turning off.Pls help with solution…:clap::eek::rolleyes::(:confused:


check the RAM with memtest86 and the HDD with Seagate’s Seatools utility. Both are available as bootable CD ISO images so you can check these components without having any operating system installed.


Did you use the included SATA drivers of your motherboard when you installed Windows XP?

Without drivers, setup would have failed. This looks like faulty hardware.


Typically starting over again (presuming no hardware issues) will work
even if a partial install is on the HDD, but often it will create another install interleaved with the exsisting (non functioning one)

All the Windows files & folders will be there but it will create another set with a “2” appended to the folder names

This is “bad”

WHEN you resolve the underlaying hardware issue, most likely either a loose or dead memory module… be sure toyu choose to delete the exsisting partition on the drive and format it again, to remove all traces of the failed install.

If the windows install disc “sees” the HDD the fact that it is SATA or IDE is largely irrelevant to installing a functioning OS on the drive.

Though sometimes with installing windows with the drives jumpered incorrectly will
often actually work… but will frequently STOP working without warning…

With SATA that isn’t even a possible issue.