XP inferior in security department

I just posted the article XP inferior in security department.

Not even cold in the store`s and already the security of the new operating system Windows XP is in discussion…

Specialy the firewall who not blocking 100% and giving the users of this new…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2699-XP-inferior-in-security-department.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2699-XP-inferior-in-security-department.html)

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It’s okay~~ The firewall built-in by XP is only a basic type of firewall, for most of end-users, it’s an okay feature. Unless you are a professional and you know what to use for your security needs, right? So this is no big deal. Just use ZoneAlarm Pro

Or AtGuard which I love. They stopped making it a while ago but that was because Norton bought them out (just proves what a good firewall it is). Older copies can be found however on various less than legal sites.

Sygate Firewall Pro is also great, and the new version 4.2 works with XP like a charm, regardless if you activate M$'s own ‘firewall’ or not.

ZoneAlarm rocks. www.zonelabs.com Shoot it’s free for non-businesses, easy to use, and is tied with sygate in terms of effectiveness.

The Norton Internet Security 2002 is a better program also over 2001… Now all the ports come back stealthed… Add the cookie block which is why I use this program… ZoneAlarm is also a great firewall, actually the best since it identifies a program through its signature thus if the program i renamed and you have had it blocked, it will go no where… I like Norton cause of the 2 features built in so I dont have to have 2 different program running in the background…

nila, ever tried to install @tguard on WinXP? I did and don’t get a log anymore. I now use Tiny Personal Firewall http://www.tinysoftware.com and think it’s great. Screw Norton and ZoneAlarm, Tiny is better AND free!