(XP) HP-763n Boot Sequence Problems in setup

Hewitt-Packard 763n Computer.

   Boot Sequence in Set-Up Utility not found.

  I'm helping a friend try to reformat her hard drive and re-install Windows XP.  She tried shutting down the computer with the XP Disc inside to try to boot off that disc...NADA.  I'm guessing her Boot order is all messed up and trying to boot off the HD,pr Floppy First,instead of the CD ROM Drive.
She restarted by depressing/holding down the F1 key, got to her set up window, but she told me (over the phone) that she could not change anything.

Does anyone know why?

Another question is if she reformats her Hard drive, Will she have to download her onboard Audio/Video / Modem drivers or do they come with the XP software. Thank you! :iagree:

Pre-Built PC Manufacturers like HP/compaq & dell don’t use the same function keys to get into BIOS as a whacked together PC.
Try the other function keys.

If she formats her hard drive, all her files, emails and programs will be deleted, permanently.
You WILL need to download all her drivers again and reinstall all her programs.

It’s a good idea to download everything she needs BEFORE formatting her hard disk, especially her modem drivers and/or network card drivers, if that’s how she access’s the internet, otherwise she may NOT be able to access the internet to get it working.

She uses coxcable to get into her Internet. Does she still need a modem? Or maybe just a network card? She downloaded her Geforce4-mmx driver but the audio is onboard AC-97. Do you stink I’ll lose them when reformatting? She brought her computer to me so I’ll open it up and check out the motherboard to see what manufacturers she has on the PCI.

I had her try to get to BIOS (F1) to change the boot order to boot off of CD,but she said there was no way to change the order…someone else mentioned putting the CD in the ROM and restarting and pressing the ESCAPE key to have the boot option. Thanks!