Xp home



does anyone know where to download a retail version of xp home? preferably sp1 because that’s what was on this computer when I got it and I don’t know if my product ID would unlock a sp2 version. I can find cracked versions all day long but I’ve already bought a single user license so I want a legit version.

My HD crashed and my compaq recovery discs are no good and compaq wants $20 to send me a new set.



What do you mean, the recovery disks are not good? Please explain in more detail.


Retail versions of XP Home cannot be downloaded legitimately.
I suggest that you contact the vendor from whom you bought the license…


ok…The computer didn’t come with recovery discs so to speak. It had a recovery partition that you could use to make your recovery discs. So I burned the recovery discs and verified the data on them. They checked out ok. Afterwards it said I could delete the recovery partition because I had all the data on discs. Now I need to recover, the discs I made are no good and the recovery partition is gone. Compaq wants almost $20 to send the discs to me and I would rather just install xp without the crappy OEM software bundle.

I know they’re supposedly not charging for the software on the discs but the actual discs themselves + handling fees. But the discs should have been bundled with the system. Right?

Blah…guess I’ll just have to order them. Beats paying $100 for a new copy. And I don’t really want to upgrade to Vista just yet.


I figured it couldn’t be downloaded legitimately I just thought somebody may know of an ISO tucked away on a ftp somewhere.


And that, my friend, is an illegal question on this forum and could get you banned…

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