Xp home or pro?

Hello people,
Is xp pro better than home? I have home and just bought pro for my son. Should I install pro on my comp since we now have it? is there a noticable advantage? Help!! Thanks.

The advantage of pro over home is added features for networking and user accounts related to setting up a network. Also the GPO is a huge plus.

Otherwise they are more or less the same.

So I guess since I have xp pro,I may as well use it? My comp is running good . I don’t want to screw anything up!! No norton issues? sp2 issues? Thanks for u’re reply!

Well if the version of Pro that you have has SP2 with it, I think most people (including myself) would advise against installing it. SP2 has been known to conflict with many programs and do more harm than good.

no issues on one that the other wouldnt have, unless its targeted at a network related glitch

I prefer XP Pro

One of the major differences is assigning privileges to limited user accounts from the administrator account. In xp pro you can customize the privileges of a given limited user account in the normal mode. In xp home you must enter the Safe Mode to make these changes to the limited user account. XP pro also loads a number of tools for troubleshooting the installation, the network setup, etc. The backup tool does not work as well in xp home as it does in pro. The xp home installation does not normally load the backup tool and you must do it after the xp installation.

There’s no real advantage to Pro unless your computer is networked, there are a couple quircks such as encryption but I’d rather use a third party tool for stuff like that anyway. Also you may be in breach of the EULA if you install Pro on both your son’s and your own computer.

I guess that you’d put home onto your Sons PC?
SP2 is ok for most people but if you have any worries make sure windows is fully up to date before installing any other software.

I see that when I load the xp pro disk I’m promped with a window giving options. When choosing to install windows, it says the disk has an older version than the 1 on my comp. SP1. I have SP2. I guess I would loose files and programs if I upgrade to xp pro using this upgrade cd? How is it that the upgrade doesn’t come w/ SP2? Can I return this 1 for 1 w/SP2? ( Circuit city) My sons pc had a new HD installed, his old HD was fried!! So when installing the upgrade, he had to put in an old windows 95 disk and then continue with the xp pro upgrade. We had no xp home disk.

Why do you want ot install SP2? It is just an evil nightmare. Listen to what people are saying about it.

I’ve had SP2 and don’t notice any problems. Just the security popups.

I didn’t install SP2 on my pc.'cause i heard that when you install it lots of games won’t work. I don’t know whether iit’s true or not but if i were you i won’t install SP2.

absolutely untrue!
SP2 does not cause any troubles with games - works really smooth (i install it from my slipstreamed xp cd).
@theone1_ :
any program still having issues with xp SP2 can’t be worth using it, since nearly all programs, that had troubles in the beginning, are already updated to newer versions that work without glitches…

back to the topic: i’d prefer XP PRO , since you don’t know what will be in future and the administrative tools / features and network features provided by xp pro are nice… :wink:

Hear, hear!! BTW Razor, nice avatar!:eek:

When I put thexp pro upgrade disk in I get a few options. Install Windows xp,Install optional components,Perform additional task. Which do i choose?
If I choose ( Install optional components ) some are hilighted and others are not, I guess by default. Can I choose ^ this option and keep all programs and files as is,and keep SP2 while getting the upgrade to pro?

well, even if this means more work, but i would never update an existing installation…
if ya have an update version of xp pro (with sp2 integrated?!) you should, for best performance and less trouble, make a complete re-install of your system - backup your important data, and then format your hdd’s and set it up directly using the xp pro cd…
it should be a bootable media, and the “update” just means, that you will have to insert the cd of your previous windows version (from wich you want to update) just to show that you are allowed to install an “update”. so the word “update” is maybe not 100% correct, since you don’t need to have an already installed system to use it… :wink:

No problems with SP2 here. Games, third party applications, p2p and Internet all seem to work as good as they did before, I haven’t noticed any differences at all actually because I disabled a lot of the changes SP2 makes (such as the firewall and security alerts) and have a lot of the Windows processes disabled anyway.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
i only activated the firewall for my (crappy) dial-up internet connection, but NOT for LAN…