XP has problems with 3 DVD burners

Hello Everyone…

I have had nothing but nightmares with DVDs and burners, it started with a NEC burner that I burned, all my month long camping trip photos to. They was DVD+ but it could not read them, the hard drive crashed and the backup failed. I tried and tried to get them back no go, so then after giving up all hope I got a ext HP DVD burner. I thought I would give the DVD’s another try, well after much work I got them copy to my hard drive.

I have since the first got 2 new 250 GB sata drives, done a complete rebuild of my computer system. New mother broad, ram, cpu, power supply, and even now added my 3 dvd burner. A LG and nec, and HP ext dvd burner, used 3 different brands of dvd rws as well. I got a 50 pack of HP dvd- 16x found many burners had problem with them. So then got sony dvd+ 16x media XP does not see them. But do see the the drives and got them right, after many hours of working on these problems, and reading about problems like theses.

I’m pretty sure of a few things, 1) the problem is with XP drivers and mother broad, sata and idle controlers most likely. 2) each time the drives worked to start a XP install, each time XP choked while reading or trying to read DVD’s. 3) It is also clear XP keeps trying to take control, of any dvd that put in and that makes problems with it’s self. Bottom line xp has some real problems with sata and idle drives when they are both running on the system. Idle drives with no sata drive, these problems never come up at all. So I’m pretty sure it’s XPs drive, for ether the sata and/or idle drivers making the problems.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this ???

How exactly are the burners connected, to which exact controller(s)?

The ext is USB that a HP, the LG and nec are hooked into the same idle controler and cable.

One thing I noticed before the first hard crashed, was that as soon as I put a sata to idle convertor hard drive in. That XP had troubles seeing the hard true size, even though the bios picked it up right every time. Then the dvd troubles started plus it crashed then, after the new rebuild system was done with a right sata and idle controler.

New mother broad hard drives and all, that XP seen the sata hard drive right size. When it was firsted installing XP no problem, before but after booting into XP it did not see it right. I started over and formated the hard drive with the drives software, it then seen the hard drive right everything was fine.

But the DVD still had problems, I added the ext HP it worked better and now the new LG. And I put a new idle cable to make sure that would not be a problem, so the computer is all new on the case it’s self is from the old one. Also I got 2 new and different dvd media, and I’m having the same problems now again. This points to XP drivers for the sata, and/or idle control being the problem.

Flashing the dvd drive did not help, taking the DVD XP drivers out and reinstalling did not help. And while XP did find the DVD drives ok, it is having problems reading the dvd media from the drive. It ask to put media in and/or, see it as a blank it can’t read not being able to, read it size or anything. So it’s 2 different computers, with the different dvd burner and media as well.

I did notice MS has a new replacment dvd driver for 2000 pro, it had problems and XP is built off of 2000 pro. My guess is that MS did not fix the problem right in XP, and is having problems when the sata come out after XP was out a while. And MS must of done a fast fix to the drivers for it, and here is where the problem is I do believe. Mother broads and XP are not getting the sata and idle controlers, to work together the way they need to.

My sata hard drive crashed because XP, did not see the tables right as soon as it hit the XP drive size limits it had. 130+ GB got on the drive, the dvd did not work right then plus even the portable storage drive. I formated using XP lost all it’s data, as well as the dvd burning messed up. Then the hard drive it self crashed, even the back drive failed to boot from it all.

Now with all new stuff the DVDs are having problems once again, I read all the post about DVD- nothing working in many dvd burners. Also problems with XP even with DVD+ burners not reading dvds right, so I’m pretty sure the problem is with XP sata and/or idle drivers. All drives are seen by the bios fine, and spin up fine under the bios as well.

The problem can only be with XP drivers, I was hoping some one could confirm this as well. I’ve yet to find the fix for it, but I’m thinking that if I could get XP to not mess with the drives. Then they may well work fine, as the problem starts when XP trys to read the dvd disk. XP chokes evey time it trys to read photos off a dvd, even though I got 2 GB of ram. Lots of room for it to put the photos from the dvd’s inti it, I also noticed XP had a limit of 2+ GB on DVD- media reading problem.

All of this only adds up to XP having problems with it’s drivers, I’ve taking away everything else it could of been. I also upgraded to XP SP3, after having the DVD problems once again. And it did not help at all, same problems as before sp3 was installed onto my system. I also noticed that people have said, that they did not have the DVD problems with XP SP1. And we know SP2 had the sata hard drive size fix, that took away the XP drive size limits.

And while it did fix the size limits and left sata drives work right, it also had the DVD problems from it. I’ve pretty much taking away everything else it could be, it that fix that has problems with the XP sata and/or idle control drivers I’m sure. But I’m not sure how to try to work around the problem, XP will not let use mess with the drivers very much.

What motherboard chipset do you have (ATI/Intel/NVIDIA/VIA/SiS)?

There are few people here with 10+ optical drives (internal and external) connected up w/o any problems. I’ve had 10 internal (IDE) and 2 external (USB/1394) in the past, currently, 8 internal (6 IDE and 2 SATA) with no issues either.

Best bet is to reformat and reinstall Windows XP on the SATA hard drive, then update to SP2 before loading any other software. This way, the 137-GB barrier can be bypassed.

Here the info of my system…

Processor Name: Intel® Core™2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz

Motherboard Model: P5L-VM 1394

BIOS Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.

BIOS Version: 0304

Intel 945G chipset