XP hangs when half way through burning a disk

I have XP running and a DRDR16LSK burner. I am burning with NERO (6) with latest version update + patches etc installed. XP updates are all up to date and installed.

It gets 25-50% through the burn process then everything just stops (system locks up). Only solution is to press the MRB and Reboot.

After Reboot evrything coming up roses unless I try to burn a disk !

Only other things on PC (As I’ve just had to flatten and rebuild it) is Pinnacle Studio 9 and MS Office.

Please can somebody help me.

What sort of chipset does your computer use ?

I don’t know… how do I find out (bit of a newbie when it comes to the innards of the box !)

Hmm okay might be easier if you did this,

Go into the Nero start menu folder and in the toolkit subfolder you’ll see Nero InfoTool, run it.

When the program starts click the floppy disk icon and new window will appear click the save button and it will save the output as a .txt file,

Now attach that txt file to your next post via the, attach files/manage attachments option in the reply window and we can take a look at the details of your system.