Xp freezes, but only with clonedvd



I have many programs that ALL work fine, have been useing clonedvd and anydvd for about 4 years I guess. now it takes about 2 hrs to process a dvd(if it doesn’t freeze) always showing about 25 min to go.real time is about 10 min per min clone shows. tried system roll back, then reformatted and reinstalled everything. samething. Just tried uninstalling and installed a old version I have on backup disc, It goes much faster now but still can freeze.
Any ideas out there? elaborate bytes clonedvd


Have you went to control panel then system then hardware then device manager then ide controllers then advance settings and checked to see if your rewriter is set to dma nto PIO? look here for complete instructions.


go to google and search clone dvd freezes computer you might find a fix that way