XP folder/file behaviour

Recently Windows XP started giving me this annoying problem. When I open a Folder and click on a folder/file within, each page stays open beneath the other one, so sometimes I end up with 6 or 7 folder pages all open, and I have to close each one individually rather than each previous folder closing upon opening a new one. I have been into ‘Folder Options’ and tried several permutations available there to no avail. I hope I have described this behaviour adequately and would appreciate any advice and help. Thanks in anticipation…quoll

System Specs :

Windows XP Home SP3
CPU : AMD Athlon XP2500 (1.86Ghz Barton Core)
HDD : IDE Western Digital 80GB (Master)
IDE Western Digital 120GB (Slave)
RAM : 1GB DDR333 (PC 2700)
Optical Drives : BenQ DW1640
LG GSA 4163B

Go to “Control panel” then “Folder Options”. See the attached image. This should fix your problem.

RookieRipper, thanks for your response. I’ve already tried this (and lots of other variations in Folder options) with no luck. Am currently trawling XP Forums to try and find a working solution. Do appreciate your effort…quoll

I found this on The Tech Guy forum:

“Locate the Default value under the following key in the registry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell Type NONE in the File data box, click OK, and exit the registry editor.”

You might want to back up the registry first.