Xp easy creator

I’m running XP and have a 12x10x32 cd-rw, i have install easy creator 5 platinium, first of all creator didn’t support my drive, so i dis-connected the drive, then re-connected, now XP doesn’t even recognise the drive.
Can anyone tell me first how i can get XP to recognise my drive and then how creatore will then support it. Oh yeah i have already downloaded the latest updates from Roxio.

I suggest you uninstall the software, then uninstall the drive from your system and the reboot.
After that you goto Nero.com and download Nero and give that a try. Nero is superiour to EZCD! :smiley:

Find latest update 5.01 and run it. www.roxio.com -> support. After that it will recognize your cd.rom.


the version should be 5.1

never use xp’s auto burning…

Originally posted by SliverX
never use xp’s auto burning…
This is a Newbie Forum, you’ll need to explain or justify statements like that