I’ve been having alot of problems with these discs. I’ve burned like 25+ backup movies and all have glitches in the video and sound on different standalone dvd players (Pioneer DV-525 etc…).

Before I always used Fortis Technology 1-4x and never had any problems with those so im gonna go back to those.

I have also tested alll the xp dvds I have burned with nero cd/dvd check and nero reports “Unrecovered Data Error” and another program called cdcheck reports data cyclic redundance check error. So apparently these discs are very unstable.

So now I have to do the backups all over again sigh.
Though I have an interested question!
If I have a movie burned out on a XP disc that glitches on a standalone player. Make an image of that with my dvd burner (Pioneer A05 1.33f hacked). Get no read errors with DVDDecrypter, burn it out on a Fortis disc. Will I still get the glitches? I think I wouldn’t because its not the movie that is bad its the XP discs that is unstable.

You guys have any suggestions?

If you can get a clean read that should work.

I have another sugestion though. Don’t buy Fortis. Even though you had some success with them in the past, their media is generally garbage and will vary widly from batch to batch.

What media do you recommend?

Depends what burner you have.

But the one media you can never go wrong with is Taiyo Yuden (TY).

Well im using a pioneer a05 with 1.33 firmware. If you know any good quality media that works with that burner please tell me.

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any good quality media that works with that burner
Writing/Recording media types Supported by Pioneer DVD/CD Writers

Just because media is ‘supported’ does not always mean it will burn nicely.

Try TY, MCC or Maxell (if I could not find these I would then try Ritek or CMC). Imo, in that order. The only media I’ve seen that is pretty much guaranteed to work fine on all burners is TY.
Stay away from ultra-cheap, it’s just not worth the possible headaches in the long run and is cheap for a reason.

Buy a small batch to start with to make sure you don’t waste you money. Learn to test the discs for error levels and see what works for best for you.

I think im gonna go with datasafe (ritek g04) 4x i’ve heard very nice comments about those one.

What software do you recommend to test for errors?

Nero CD/DVD Check, CDCheck, DVRinfo?

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Just because media is ‘supported’ does not always mean it will burn nicely.

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@deep9, datasafe (ritek g04) 4x is a very good media, go for it.