XP doesn't show desktop items

My dad just calles for a rather strange issue: his Windows XP doens’t show ANY desktop icons anymore. All the shortcuts are there (in the my documents…\desktop folders) but they just aren’t showed anymore.

I don’t know of any settings that can lead to this (except for hiding some icons with certain programs). The PC is virus, malware/adware/spyware etc free and fully updated.

Any thought perhaps?


Right click on desktop ->Arrange Icons by->Show desktop icons (tick)
Right click on desktop ->Arrange Icons by->Lock Web items on desktop (untick)

Tell your dad to slow down and watch what he’s doing.
My dad does silly things like that all the time, cos he rushes everything, the result of which is like a bull in a china shop :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh darn I feel so stupid now…!

I never knew this functionality exists.

(yes I’m lucky with KDE and Blackbox :))

Thanx man!

Lolol. I wouldn’t worry about it.
In windows XP there’s lots of nooks and crannies to find irritating functions to confuse and bewilder the untechnical.

Being a Linux user, I doubt u’d be expected to know the nooks and crannies of a different, and incredibly nooky OS. It sometimes seems like WinXP has so many walls, it’s a maze :wink: