XP Doesn't See Virtual Drives - CCD, DT & Alcohol Do See Them

I can create virtual drives with Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools.

I can mount images to them.

I can copy the image to disc with CCD.

However, those virtual drives don’t appear in MY COMPUTER or WINDOWS EXPLORER nor are they available for selection in CDex.

I used to be able to see them in MY COMPUTER and could use them with CDex.

I noticed that they weren’t listed before adding Daemon Tools.

I have a dual-boot system with W2K-PRO and XP-PRO.
Daemon Tools is not installed in W2K.
Alcohol 120% and CCD are installed in W2K.

Virtual drives are present in W2K as they used to be in XP.

Why are they no longer available in XP.
I’ve also noticed that Sonty CD-R discs with media burned to them that used to be seen by my CD-RW drive no either appear as blank or no disc inserted.

I’ve run Rootkiller and McAfee AV to find nothing wrong.

What’s going on?