Xp divx fullscreen problems

since i installed windows xp I have serious problems watching any divx movie. When I swich to fullscreen there is a sync problem between video and audio. video is too slow. cpu usage is at 100%. At normal video size its at 60-70%. I tried divx;) 3.11 codec as well as divx 4.11.
windows media player 8.0 (seems xp does not allow 6.4 to be installed), the playa, powerdivx. allways the same problem.
Can anyone help?
my system: athlon 1ghz, 256mb, diamond fire gl 1000 pro (8mb, might that be the problem? worked fine under win2k though…)

thank you!

ok I found the mplayer2.exe, didnt work either. directX 8.0 or 8.1 should be installed with XP.
the video looks like in slow motion, while the sound works fine…

I think your GFX card is the bottleneck here… Your CPU speed is certainly enough and your RAM should also be enough. Windows XP has a lot more graphical details and maybe this is too much for your GFX card. Please note I don’t know for sure this is your problem. I myself have a 700MHz system (256MB RAM) and DivX movies are running fine here (Windows XP Prof, Media Player 8, DivX codec 3.11). I also tried some othet DivX players like PowerDivX Next Gen, MicroDVD, Media Player 6.34 (it is present in XP ;)), PowerDVD… all worked fine. My GFX card has 16MB’s.

Maybe you could try lowering your screen res, setting WindowsXP to the classic (grey) look and see what happpens.

thanks… i didnt try to lower screen res… it worked. but i didnt think the windows graphics would matter on fullscreen… apparently it does.

Yes indeed it does… Windows uses new technique’s like ‘constant alpha blending’ and ‘per pixel aplha blending’ for shadow effects, etc which eventhough in fullscreen mode will demand a lot from your GFX card… Maybe it’s time to consider a new (GeForce 2/3) card ? :wink:

x-mas is comming :slight_smile:

MedaPlayer 6.4 is installed on XP as a default … you just have to run it manually !


Thank you very much

I had the same problem. I fixed just changing screen resolution.


Molotut :clap: