XP Display properties problems

Good Day to Everyone. I am trying to make the screens more readable for certain applications in vain. Adobe Photoshop Elements displays its palette well, toolbar and tools in very small font. After working for half an hour one gets eyestrain. I tried to make these font and tool icon displays larger. Alas without success. Adobe does not offer any customisation possibility for this. I started playing around with Windows display properties but that does not help either. I increase the size of whatever you can think of available under display properties, but it has no effect on Adobe displays. Help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

As a continuation of the topic being discussed I wish to bring up a related problem. After modifying the sizes of various screen elements I ended up with the active icons on the taskbar becoming very small squeezed in two lines in a corner of the taskbar. I have tried to find a solution to this issue, but in vain. Help will be highly appreciated.

Have you tried changeing the DPI setting in display properties > settings > advanced (Im just guessing names since I don’t have and english version of windows)

Yes I have. Presently the 3 crucial parameters are as follows:

  1. Resolution 1280x1024 - 19 inch flat screen.
  2. Extra large fonts.
  3. Custom 168 DPI i.e. 175% of normal.

If other applications display larger fonts as a result, then it is a problem with adobe and if they don’t make the size customizeable, then there’s not much you can do about it.

Along the same lines, I’m having a problem with the display on SOME of the Web pages I visit. The display (fonts and photos) is too large. It happened all of a sudden. I never changed any settings. And it doesn’t happen on all pages I visit. It was suggested that my computer has been hacked into. And it has been suggested that it is the fault of installing AOL software on my computer. If it’s the AOL software then why does this also happen when I’m using my IE browser without launching my AOL software. IT happens each time I visit those same pages, thus it’s not an intermittent problem. I have Windows XP. Any words of advice on how to solve this riddle?

Thanks ! :confused:

Does this happen both in IE and AOL integrated ie browsers, or just in one of the two browsers?

sounds like some kind of custom settings are being applied when a site doesnt specifically have them. guess fixing that, though…maybe in the morning?

  1. Mouse right click. 2. Desktop Properties. 3. Settings. 4. Special. 5. General >>> here you will see a small window where you can change the resolution by selecting DPI-value (for example: 96 DPI Normal, 120 DPI Big).

OIC, sorry, you have done that.

remember, answer mymixers post - as the rest of the post is older, but related :wink:

Hi guys. You have brought the topic to life again. I had asked some questions and I still have the same problem. Help is welcome.

I do not think that this problem has anything to do with hacking, neither with browsers. Some sites due to whatever reason keep their fonts very small and with high DPI the characters overwrite each other and become unreadable. Some software like Photo Elements stop customisation. Unfortunately due to all these factors the display problems emerge.

im blaming .css files until i hear otherwise

You can try to cheat by using Opera, it makes any picture or font larger. Real zooming… but some pics look choppy when made larger, dunno about text.

Yes, some websites do this giving no control over it with browsers, sometimes… thats just the way it is…