XP Corp., NTFS, and no floppys, How to flash?

I run a tweaked system, and wanted something for nothing. I read all the threads for the Liteon firmware flash. I was wondering if anyone has hacked the firmware to permit regular flashing, or if any one has a thought about how to flash my 32123s.

System: XP Corp- NTFS, 2 x 40 GB HDD, 1 Liteon 32123s, and 1 x TDK 241040.

If your implying how to get into real dos to flash then:
This is just a thought, but copy bootdisk files to a cd and set bios to boot to that device (cdrom). Might work. Or you could flash it in another comp.
If not, I can’t help. I’m getting my new drive this weekend.

Originally posted by Aketon
[B]If your implying how to get into real dos to flash then:
This is just a thought, but copy bootdisk files to a cd and set bios to boot to that device (cdrom).

This is absolutely NOT right. Make a bootdisc on a floppy and be sure there’s no cdrom in the drive when you flash the drive.

I mentioned that I don’t have a floppy available on this system. I guess that I could borrow someones system for an hour or two.

Also, the normal flash utility from Liteon works, but it wont in this case.

The CD boot sounds like it might work. Should I include the .bid files and the flash utility on the CD, or leave them on one of the hard drives?

The bin files and the flash utility should be put on the cd because dos can’t read ntfs, unless you have a fat partition. Obviously, boot from the tdk. Again, this is just an idea and may not work.

I’ll give it a whirl in the morning, and post the results. It’s a good thing that I found a duplicate drive for thirty dollars today, in case I kill this one.
Thanks for the help, Mark

Copy files to a CD won’t make it bootable. Create a bootable CD using Nero or other software.

Easiest way is to copy the firmware files to a boot floppy and boot into DOS.

Better way is

  1. Create a FAT16/FAT 32 partition about 500 MB (More than enough for storing your firmware and flashing without floppies)

  2. Use a bootable CD and then flash from above partition.

Thats what I was trying to get to, somewhat.

Guys, I have the same setup and even I found it piss easy to do.

Within XP, put a blank floppy in goto your a:\ format it, and tick ‘Create a MS DOS Startup disk’.

All I did was place the flash utility on another floppy, rebooted with the Start up disk, once command prompt loaded up place the other floppy in hit dir <enter> and away I went.

I didn’t even worry about the CDRW drive being on the primary IDE cable which (as the guide says) mine was on Secondary IDE as slave.

So option 4 I choose and bang, no worries in the world!

Hope this helps,


HowTo Create Boot Image:

[li]Download This image, save as boot.img
[/li]This will allow you to acquire a boot image legally. :slight_smile:

[li]Copy the text below and paste to a notepad then save as a.txt


This should span along single line on your notepad, do not allow any break lines nor spaces (only aaa…).
In other word you need exactly 512 bytes.

[li]From command console (Right click you folder at explorer and choose open a command console) type this:

copy /b boot.img+a.txt+a.txt+a.txt+a.txt bootimg.img

Now you should have bootimg.img as your boot image.
The quirky step 2 and 3 required due to the inability of WinImage to open ‘improperly’ truncated images.

[li]Open your boot image with WinImage, then drag:
[/li]- MtkFlash.exe

  • xsu1.bin
    From your explorer and drop them into winimage window, a confirmation dialog should appear, click yes. Save the image and you’re done.


HowTo Flash without Floppy Disk Drive:

To do this you should have at least 2 CDROM/R/RW

[li]Ensure that your target (to be flashed) become 2nd CDROM drive:
[/li] My Setting:

  • Primary Master: HDD
  • Secondary Master: ‘CREATIVE CD4020E ST981116’ ----> First CDROM Drive.
  • Secondary Slave: 'LITE-ON LTR-40125S ’ ----> Second CDROM Drive.

[li]Create Bootable CD with bootable image contains MtkFlash.exe and (in this case) xsu1.bin using you favorites cd mastering program and ensure that the emulation is “Floppy Emulation 1.44MB”.
[li]Put the cd on your First CDROM Drive (in my case: Creative 40x) and restart.
[li]If you haven’t set you bios to boot from cdrom drive, do it so. By entering BIOS setup.
[li]Your pc will boot from First CDROM Drive and you will have a “Virtual Drive A”
[li]From A: prompt type (in my case):

mtkflash 4 w /b /m xsu1.bin	<---- In your case.

mtkflash 4 w /b /m zs0k.bin	<---- what I actually test.

You will see MtkFlash ‘updating’ your CDRW.

[li]Reboot, don’t forget to remove your bootable cd. You should see that your burner has ‘updated’.

That’s it I actually try this 2 howtos and it work (at least for me), your case may vary….

I hope this information may help. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS. Notify me if you success :slight_smile:

Wow! I didn’t expect so much help. Normally, at other sites, you get a lot of people who “claim to know”, but really are clueless.

I finally ended up borrowing an XP system that wasn’t NTFS, and followed everyones instructions. SUCCESS IS SWEET! It was difficult figuring out thow to use the CD as a floppy, but with a little patience, and help from you all, it worked. Nero, SANDRA, and XP, all recognize it as a 40125S. The tests all show it to perform as a 40125S. I guess you can have your cake and it it too.
Later, Mark


Yours was the way to go.

I don’t know why people want to re-invent the wheel.

Just an update. Things are as usual, just slighltly more heat and noise. For those running NTFS, and no floppys, it might be easier to have someone flash it for you. Remember, with XP, XP Pro., and Corp., Do not use the NTFS conversion command unless you want nothing to do with DOS, or FAT 32.